Thursday, March 24, 2016

Geometry Dash Tournament

So there is a tournament for Geometry Dash Meltdown and I advanced to the final round and I hope you wish me luck because right now I am in  4th place. If you do not know what Geometry Dash is, it is a game and you have all these levels and you have a cube dude and you have to avoid objects in your way. I'm also a rookie so it is hard for me to advance to the next round. People say that if you believe in yourself yourself you can do anything. The reason i am posting this post is because we are having a race kind of so yah. I might post a video of the tournament.


  1. Jackson (J Doge)
  2. Julian (J Bro)
  3. Camden (Cam Bro)
  4. Mason W. (Hard Nector
{Words in italic are nicknames}


  1. Dear Mason,

    First of all im going to crush you because I have allready beat all of the levels before. But Camden also has beat all the levels so its going to be tough going egenst him. And also, good luck!

    1. Dear Julian,
      What if I crush you! EVIL GRIN