Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Race Between an truck and an jeep

Who do you think would win?

A jeep

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A truck?

We are at the starting line at Speed Raceway in Michigan.
(On my blog)The jeep driver is ready but I don't know if the truck driver is.
The engines are rumbling and there is smoke coming out of the exhaust.
Ready,Set...GO!The jeep is in the lead but the truck isn't far behind.
Then suddenly the truck hits the bumper of the jeep.
The truck speeds up and drifts around the corner and crossed the finish li,oh never mind the jeep wins!!!!!!!


  1. I like how you made me feel like you were actually at a race. Why did you do that? I should do that with my next post.

    1. Dear Joey,
      Well, I just like to make you feel like you are actually at the place. For example, last year I wrote all of my stores like that.

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